Smoky Mountains


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Could This Be The Road To Heaven?

Could Be!

Sha-ka-na-hé = "Land of Blue Smoke" - The Smoky Mountains

Porch At "Ruben's Rocks"

The Road to Happiness at Elevation 2000 ft.

Judy's Peony - Check Out The Ants.

Heavenly Scent

Wild Mountain Rododendron

One of the "Locals"

Deep in the Woods

Light Behind The Hemlock

What Da! Leprechaun? No, Just Ruben!

"When I See a Fountain Flow From a Mountain ..."

Ann, Gayle, and John (AKA Ruben)

On the Trail. Where's Ruben!

Cascade in "The Greenbrier"

Just Leaves

Fungi Go To Work

And Then Some! (Notice Leaves-of-Three - Let It Be!)

Three Shadows

A Special Little Forest Creek

Near the Source - Snag Creek

Webb Creek Crossing

The "Old Settler's Trail" Beckons

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