Personal Pictures

Our Place in Rocky Grove, Tennessee

With New Orleans Pictures as Lagniappe

In Back Yard After Katrina

Dining On Army MRE's In FEMA Trailer

Pushie In The Gulag

Mocha And Clueless

If It Doesn't Move, Paint It!

Getting Dessert

In the Mountains - And Loving It!

Gayle At The Little Pigeon River

Our Little Snag Creek

Water Starting Out For New Orleans

Rocky Grove (At 2,000 Ft. Elev.)

Our Tennessee Mountain Home In Rocky Grove

The Wood's In The Woods

The Crew

Strumin' With Dolly in Sevierville

With Yukon On The Road

The National Park Forest Across The Road

The Forest Above Us

Maples And Oaks

Euanimus In Autumn Pink Foliage

Winter Comes To Rocky Grove

Slope Of Our Little Snag Mountain

John And Anne's "Ruben's Rocks" - Across Snag Creek

Snow At Rocky Grove


In The Snow With Mocha And The Bug

With The Jitter-Bug As The Snow Comes Down


Pinckney With "His Boy": Ricky

Another Cold Winter's Day

As Evening Falls

Making It Warm Inside


Snugglin' With The Peeps

"Katrina Kitties" The Girl And Ricky

"That's Better"

As Night's Shadow Drifts Across The Mountains

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