Christmas Cards
About e-Cards for Christmas from P.A.Wood Ltd.

To send a card: Enter the e-mail address of the person who the card is going to, and tap (or click) on "Send".

That's all there is to it!

If you like, you can add bits of text at the top and bottom of the card.
These bis of text are the "To" caption and the "Signature" caption.

By e-mailing the card to yourself, you can customize the card, and send it to any number of people.

When the card arrives in your e-mail In Box, simply forward it to the recipient(s) (after removing the forwarding text at the top (that your e-mail tacks on), and the "Fw:" in the Subject line). With the card in the forwarding editing window, you can edit the text in the captions; including color of text, etc. And, you can edit the wording below the picture. To do that, tap (or click) on the wording (twice) to activate the cursor, and then edit.

[It is possible to edit by using the HTML editor of your e-mail.]

Use them free of charge:

P.A. Wood Ltd is offering free use of these Christmas cards to promote the Humane HEART.

To make a donation, write a check (preferred method), payable to Humane HEART and mail it to:
6759 General Haig St., New Orleans, LA 70124; or use PayPal (See below.)

BASIC LAYOUT for Cards: :

To Recipient(s)

We'd love for you to share with us
all the joy of this remarkable season.

Sender's Name(s)

"Top" or "To" Caption for your card(s):

Edit Caption, then: 
(For no caption, blank-out the field.)

Two-line "Signature" Caption for your card(s):

Edit Caption, then: 
("CLICK to Apply" works separately for each line.)


To set the captions, simply enter/edit the text in the spaces provided; then, CLICK to Apply for each line changed Then, CLICK to Set Changed Caption(s).

The "Top" caption is for a greeting; or exclamation, such as "Merry Christmas".

Christmas, 2017


  "Top" Caption  

A miraculous birth, foretold by a star.
Proclaimed "GLORIA" by an angel,
but, set in the humblest of surrounding,
witnessed by simple shepherds, and animals.

GLORIA, GLORIA, let the news ring out.
The hope of all the world is upon us.

Sender's Name(s)
Enter e-Mail Address:

Invitation to Christmas Eve


We'd love for you to share with us
all the joy of this remarkable season.

So, please come for good things to eat and drink.
And, great friends to help make the season bright!

Sender's Name(s)
Enter e-Mail Address:

Nativity by Gerard von Honthorst

  "Top" Caption  

Christmas, a most solomn time for reflecting
upon things of the spirit; most importantly,
our love and kindness toward one another.

It's also a time of great joy, when we have an
opportunity to show our caring by action, and
sharing with others our abounding joy.

Sender's Name(s)
Enter e-Mail Address:

Nativity by Sandro Botticelli

  "Top" Caption  

Angels We Have Heard on High

Come to Bethlehem and see
Him Whose birth the angels sing;
Come, adore on bended knee,
Christ the Lord, the newborn King.
Gloria, in excelsis Deo!

Sender's Name(s)
Enter e-Mail Address:


Make a (tax-deductible) Christmas donation to the
Humane HEART animal/child/elder protection charity.
[If by check: make payable to Humane HEART to:
 6759 General Haig St., New Orleans, LA 70124.]
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About Our Christmas Cards

There are two kinds of cards: cards with editable writing; and cards where everything is set into a single image.

You may prefer to send just a single image with all of the writing already on it.

You can also include a "Christmas Letter" that goes out on Christmas motif "stationary"!

Here, on this webPage, are the P.A. Wood Ltd. Christmas Cards. Please use them.

More cards may be added to this webPage as Christmas Day approaches.

[Note: The photographs used to make the cards were taken at The Christmas Place, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.]

We wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas!

The Nativity

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Santa Claus

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Mary (card without inscription)

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Santa En Route

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Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas

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Hear the Angel's Trumpet

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Gloria! The Savior Is Born!

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Elf Rupert

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Christmas Letter

If you want to include a Christmas Letter that will appear immediately below the card in the Christmas e-mail you send, simply compose your letter in the "text area" provided. [Note: you can "Copy & Paste" text into the text area from another source.]

To transfer your letter to the Christmas "stationary", tap or click on "Set Letter". Your letter will be saved; ready to edit as you may care to when you return to this webPage.

The text area will scroll as your letter goes beyond eight lines. And, the length of the stationary will increase as your letter lengthens.

Text Area
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