About e-Cards from P.A.Wood Ltd.

You enter your e-mail address, and press "Send". You can optionally enter a "To" caption and a "Signature" caption.

Then, when the card arrives in your e-mail In Box, you simply forward it to the recipient(s) (after removing the forwarding text at the top (that your e-mail tacks on), and the "Fw:" in the Subject line). With the card in the forwarding editing window, you can edit the text in the card captions as you may care to. You can, if you want to, also edit the card wording below the picture. To do that, "click" on the wording (twice) to activate the cursor, and then edit. [It is possible to edit the editable text by using the HTML editor of your e-mail.] You can save the card in your Draft Folder, and send it to other recipients after appropriately editing the "To" caption with their names, etc. Regardless of whether you create the "To" and "Signature" captions on this webPage, or you edit the card in your e-mail, the price is the same. The price is based upon how many card sends you make, not whether it's the same or different cards, and not where you edit it.

PAYMENT may be made by check (preferred method), payable to P.A. Wood and mailed to 6759 General Haig St., New Orleans, LA 70124; or by PayPal (through the PayPal portal at the bottom of this webPage). [Since PayPal charges a fixed transaction fee for each transaction (in addition to a small percentage of the purchase payment), please make your payment for cards at once (as much as possible) to cover your anticipated card selections.]

You can use this calculator to get the price for any number of cards:

Number of Cards:    

The price per card goes down as the number of cards goes up. For example: the price for sending one card is $1.00; for 12 cards, it's $5.00; for 35 cards, it's $10.00; and for 100, it's just under $20.00. [If you anticipate sending more than a few hundred cards in any short span of time (in total, regardless of particular card design(s) chosen), contact P.A. Wood at contact@p-a-wood.com.]

If you send additional cards later, you pay less. Your additional charge is the price for the total of all cards sent (and to be sent) less what you already paid. For example, if you previously sent one card at $1.00, and later you send 12 cards, instead of the price being the base $5.00 for the twelve, it would be the price of 13 cards ($5.27) less the $1.00 you previously paid. The additional charge, for the twelve, would be $4.27. Your total is $5.27 instead of $6.00 (the sum of $1.00 plus $5.00). If your total of cards sent reaches 100, you will have paid only about 20 cents per card, less than half the cost of a regular mail U.S. postage stamp. So, the more cards you buy, the less per card.

While you may, before making any payment, verify that you can receive and send the cards; please understand that use of P.A. Wood cards without permission is theft. Payment for the card(s) grants permission to the person who makes the payment. Paid use of any P.A. Wood card does not transfer ownership. P.A. Wood Ltd. retains all copyrights. Forwarding of cards, edited or not, by recipients other that those who receive directly from this webPage is prohibited. [Note: P.A. Wood Ltd. is based in New Orleans, so if you wish to avoid a Voodoo curse on your head, you'd better obey the rules and not use P.A. Wood cards without permission.]

Custom-made e-Cards and e-Invitations from P.A. Wood Ltd. can be produced on special order. The price, generally between $25 and $40, depends upon the specifics of the order. Below, you can see samples of custom cards.

BENEFITS for choosing e-Cards from P.A. Wood are: You are not required to give us the e-mail addresses of your recipients. You can edit the cards in your e-mail; you don't need to "build" your cards on a website. The recipients don't have to go to any webSite to see the card, because it goes directly to their e-mail. And, as with all e-cards, as opposed to cards sent via U.S. Mail, there is no postage to pay; there is no cost or inconvenience of mailing.

BASIC LAYOUT for e-Cards from P.A. Wood Ltd.:

To Recipient(s)

Let us renew our spirit, and give thanks for life;
and joy and peace that we may find within us.

Sender's Name(s)

"Top" or "To" Caption for your card(s):

Edit Caption, then: 
(For no caption, blank-out the field.)

Two-line "Signature" Caption for your card(s):
Edit Caption, then: 
("CLICK to Apply" works separately for each line.)


To set the captions you want on your card, simply edit the text in the spaces provided; then, CLICK to Apply for each line changed; then, CLICK to Set Changed Caption(s). [Also, text can be edited in the "forwarding" window of your e-mail (not including the text that is part of the image).] The caption at the top is for who the card is to, or an exclamation, such as "Happy Birthday". [Captions may be changed between card selections.]
Cards, in general, have a "Top" or "To" caption above the image. Then, the image. Below the image is the "sentiment" of the card; which can be edited in your e-mail. It can be changed or deleted in whole or in part. Then, at the bottom, is the "Signature" caption.

[The image, which usually has words on or with it, may be enlarged to see it better, or to better read the words. To enlarge the image, with the mouse-pointer over the image, "CLICK and HOLD" on the left mouse-button. Release to restore to original size. If you drag the mouse-pointer while holding the button down, the enlarged image will stay when the mouse-button is released. To restore the original image, "CLICK" on the enlarged image.]


  "Top" Caption  

Autumn, a time of beauty fading as winter eases
closer with every refreshing breeze. Let us be
thankful for the beauty and fresh breezes in this
wonderful time that has been gifted to us.

Let us renew our spirit, and give thanks for life;
and joy and peace that we may find within us.

Sender's Name(s)
Your e-Mail Address:



(Better late than Never!)

Sender's Name(s)
Your e-Mail Address:
Other (Specialty Cards)

P.A. Wood hopes to be producing cards for all occasions.

Here are a few examples:

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