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P.A. Wood Ltd. accepts commissions to produce photographs of desired subjects in the Smoky Mountains made to your specifications, if it's possible for us to accomodate your request. The cost for this service depends on various factors. Just let us know what you need. We will let you know if, and at what price, we can produce your picture(s).
Photo Restoration

Provide us with a photograph, regardless of its condition of damage or deterioration, and we will restore the image.

The cost of this service depends upon the time required to restore your picture. Our basic rate is $25 multipled by the time required (in hours). For example, if it takes two and one-half hours, the cost would be $63.50. We will quote an estimated cost before beginning work. You will not be charged more than the estimate. But, you may receive a partial refund if the job takes less than the estimated work time, or a full refund if we cannot restore your picture to a quality that meets our quality standard.

The finished image will be returned to you in digital media form which you can print or have printed by a photo finisher or professional printer. Or, we can submit your order to a professional printer for you. For that you will have to supply details about the printing stock, matting, etc. that you want. We will add a "mat" border to the digital image if you like.

Here is an example of our restoration work [hover cursor over image]:

Custom WebPage or Website Creation and Publication

P.A.Wood. Ltd. will produce and host Internet webSites attached to

We can make you a webSite/webPage at an affordable price ranging from a $100 (for a single basic webPage attached to, with an attractive "banner", and capable of displaying a lot of pictures) to $1,000 (and up) creation cost for multi-page webSites with more advanced functionality. Occasional maintenance by us is included; however, frequent maintenance is extra.

We have a special "artists" webPage to provide a venue for graphic and photographic artists to display their work, and avoid some of the hastles that come with creating and maintaining a webSite. Sometimes an artist just needs a webPage where her/his work can be easily presented and viewed without constraining limitations. For example, see: P.A. Wood Ltd. will assess a commission charge of 10% for sales through this webSite.

A webSite may consist of one or more webPages; and use something like as a base URL; where you substitute in place of "your_site_name" whatever you want.

We can, for an additional charge, set-up your website on a server with a URL independent of that would include several special services, including, as an option, maintaining your webSite for you for a monthly fee.

Note: Programs are available for free that enable you to create and maintain your own webSite. You can find them on the Internet. However, if you have the money, and you want to avoid the hastles, we are available to provide our webSite creation and maintenance services to you.

Just let us know what you want, and we'll quote you a price. It's best to call. The number is: (504) 717-3895.

Note: Any artist who displays her/his work on this webSite does so by mutual agreement with P.A. Wood with regard to each object that is displayed.

Here are examples of webSites (besides that P.A. Wood Ltd. has created: [click on the portals]

Purchasing Orders

Because of the variability in cost (depending on various factors), purchasing is a four-step process.

1. You tell us what you want: item, format (digital image, printed image), size of finished object if it is to be printed as a picture/poster for display, border (mat) as part of the image, shipping requirements, and any other necessary information. e-Mail your order to or call (504) 717-3895.

2. We quote you the price (by return e-mail).

3. You pay for the job via check or PayPal.
    [Make check payable to P.A. Wood, and mail to: P.A.Wood, 6759 General Haig Street, New Orleans, LA 70124.]

4. When your payment is received, we will process your order.

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